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Christmas Present Roulette

It’s here! December and the 24 days when you are allowed to start with a chocolaty breakfast! I could list dozens of positive points that spring to my mind about this last month of the year but this is also probably the most stressful month for those families where Christmas celebrations include giving presents. It’s not always easy to come up with something to buy your parents or siblings who are also already adults and who are not in need of anything particularly. Buying useless gifts especially at a time like this when our over-consumption of all resources is threatening our own lives gives me shivers. I want the recipient to feel content when they open the packet rather than indifferent; "Oh, another candle, this time purple..."

I don’t believe in this wasteful consumption where people just go and buy whatever for their family and friends and after Christmas all those items end up in Ebay or back to the store. I have personal experience of this, and not particularly posit…

Christmas Crazyness: Decoration Overload

When starting to plan my flat's makeover in regards to a Christmas look, I straight away knew that the best place to start from, when looking for ideas and inspiration, is my parents' place! They have 30 years' worth of Christmas knick-knacks, baubles, glittery stars, candle holders, Santa figurines from all decades starting from the 80's. Since my money situation hasn't improved much since I announced the Project Bedroom open I decided to start small and find some decoration items from home rather than buying my own. 

So, when I went home for a week I ransacked their closets and drawers looking for something, anything, that would catch my eye. I have an eye for outfits but with interior design I am still trying to find myself and my taste, so I count on my instinct: if I see something that makes me go "oh, how about that one?!", it's a good place to start. With Christmas decoration, though, it's easier: I believe that nothing succeeds like excess …

Details at Home

It's amazing what a boost a piece of new furniture can bring! Lately I have been extremely down. I knew when I moved here that Autumn and Winter will probably be a completely shit time for me but still it surprised me how badly it has affected me. It was really cold for October and it's only 3rd November and Estonia is already engulfed in never-ending snow storm. On top of that my only colleague has been working from abroad for a month so I have been completely alone, which is bad... It's really really bad! Thankfully I have had friends visiting every now and then but after two weekends alone at home I really struggled to find anything positive about each day. But then, finally, my brother brought me a new, proper couch and all of a sudden my flat looks like a real adult apartment!

I've loved my apartment no matter how shabby and unfinished it has looked with the tiny, red wine-soaked, white sofa which left a lot of empty space unused in the living room. But now that th…