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Rainy Days - Friend or Foe

I hate rainy days. They're so grey and dark and moody. Outside air feels colder than it would if it wasn't raining. And if you accidentally forget your umbrella home in the morning and get soaked on your way home from work you also freeze to the core.

But I do also love rainy days. I can't think of many things that make home more cozier than a hard-core rain outside while you are warm inside surrounded by pillows and drowning in your bathrobe. A cup of tea and a movie feel like a little bit of luxury then. 

Rainy days do affect me a little, I always feel much more tired when it's dark and gloomy but when you're trapped inside you also get things done that you might not do if there was an option to be outside. Maybe finally grab that book from the shelf you've been meaning to read but haven't quite found the time for it or catch up with the TV series that everybody's talking about. I also like to use this time when going outside is not an option to roam th…

Muuseumiöö - Kadriorg Palace

Summer has arrived which means that not only nature but the city also becomes alive again! The cold and dark and very unfriendly winter has made space for dry pavements and smiley faces.
Tallinn is a proper summer city. It used to be a hansa town because of its brilliant location by the sea on the way to and from St. Petersburg, which is why Tallinn's summer is filled with medieval festivals, markets and events. The Old Town has already been littered with terraces that are filled with tourists every day of the week ready to part with their cash in some of the worst but most expensive restaurants in the city. Now it reeally reminds me of Prague and oh I love it!

Last weekend the museums of Tallinn opened their doors to visitors for free from 6pm onwards. There are hundreads of museums in Tallinn so there was surely something for everyone! I was a little sceptical whether the museums really were free because the last time in Bratislava the "free museums" required an entry fe…


You know how all blogs these days seem to be full of healthy breakfasts with smoothies that include cow piss and coffee made of squirrel poo and suggestions how your life is not full without a doze of something that tastes just as disgusting as it looks. While I'm very happy that people take care of their bodies' needs, I'm also extremely happy that I don't need to eat that crap. I stay healthy and, if not fit, at least relatively skinny with a normal breakfast that my very Finnish family has always enjoyed.

On a normal morning at home before work I need to have my cup of coffee and I usually make a quick bread with cheese and cucumber. Nothing special but enough for me. Sometimes if I wake up a bit earlier I make porridge topped with sugar and cinnamon. That's usually for slow weekend mornings, though.

But at home I get to enjoy a proper breakkie that I don't even have to cook myself. Sometimes it's scrambled eggs and bacon British style, other times porridg…

One Weekend: Family Reunion, Engagement Party, Mothers' Day and Sunshine

This gorgeous summer weather already in May (yes, up in these latitudes it’s a rarety that May is warm and sunny, usually we can expect snow any minute) is making me nuts! I’m so happy, I feel like a balloon that’s too full of helium on the brink of exploding. Any moment I might just jump up from my work chair and start climbing the walls and laugh uncontrollably without any proper reason. Just because I feel like it and it’s this woooonderful warmth and sunshine that is doing it to me!

Last week I traveled home to Turku on the first morning boat. I was sooo tired and as always also quite grumpy. Before 10AM is just too early to be expected to be jolly about anything. But sitting there on the view deck at the front of the ship, watching the sun rise from the East and two swans flying diagonally past the front of the ship no matter how tired and grumpy, I smiled to myself.

On Thursday morning me and my brother and his girlfriend drove to the Turku Archipelago to a family reunion. My mum’…

Vappu / May Day

It's May!! Summer is sooo close! May 1st, also known as May Day is a festive day all over the world. But nowhere do people appreciate this day as Finns do! And as always we celebrate the eve of the big day and it's traditional to go for a picnic on the actual 1st May. This great event is called Vappu and I really recommend you visit Helsinki or Turku during this festival of Spring! (Unless you're a really uptight person who cannot bare seeing people consuming too much alcohol in a public place and being very loud.) 

Vappu, like most our festivities probably originate from Sweden and it was firstly seen as a celebration for Spring. Then the industrialization came along and today the day is seen more as a working class's holiday around the world. In Finland the day has been taken over by university students. They roam the cities in their colourful overalls and at 6pm on the Eve of May 1st they are allowed to put on the white caps that we receive when we graduate from high…