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My Slovak Family

Sometimes life throws you against the wall and causes bruises that take years to heal. Some people succumb under the pressure, I decided I've had enough, I'll run away. They say that you can't run away from your troubles, you'll always bump into them on the way but I did exactly that and it was the best decision I ever made. When moving to Slovakia I didn't have any expectations, I didn't know where I was going. And during the one and a half years I have realized what makes me happy: 

I've always enjoyed being in a big group, I love having a lot of people around me. Important people that is. I don't know where this comes from because my family hasn't been exactly keen on having huge gatherings more than what has been an absolute necessity. Here in Slovakia I've met such amazing people who have become veery important to me as friends but also as a sort of family. We are all so different, we all have a "role" in the group, we are all nece…


Loneliness. Doesn't have quite the same ring to it in English as it does in Finnish. In Finland loneliness has been in headlines for a while now because it's becoming a huge social problem: 400 000 lonely people in a country of 5 million. Scientifically explained loneliness is an involuntary experience and emotion. For a lot of people in the world this might sound incomprehensible, but even in a metropolis you can be completely alone. I would know.
As a Finn I enjoy being on my own every now and then. Nothing beats a lazy Sunday alone at home or in a café with a book. During busy weeks or months I see those lonely days as a bit of luxury. But a human being, especially me, has a limit with the voluntary loneliness. For some that limit is just a need to ask an opinion or telling someone what happened to them today. The simplest thing, but it can be devastating if you don't have anyone to ask or to tell. Others, like me, have the limit much lower: just the need to see a famili…

Bratislava Wrapped in Christmas

Reality starting to set in. Last week I handed in my resignation, for the first time with trepidation. I'm utterly aware that most people would never do what I'm about to do: leave a job they like in a company they like and move away from a country that they absolutely love. Yes, I'm completely nuts!
We have this saying in Finland that rolling rocks don't get mossy and I think that's the story of my life in a nutshell. I get bored easily and boredom is my worst nightmare. I need new experiences and excitement in my life all the time and even though I am completely happy here in Bratislava, if I let this opportunity of discovering a new country slip away I would never forgive myself! And as a single, childless, independent person, why wouldn't I go and be nuts :D I'm an experience-addict!

But, I still have a lot of time left here and thankfully it's one of my favourite times of the year: Christmas. The markets are lit up and there's happy people everyw…

Tree of Wishes

Among the horribilities (I just made up a word!) in Paris during the past week it has been absolutely refreshing to notice some little good deeds that people do around us all the time. Like the video of people rescuing animals from all sorts of places and situations. Also at work, in accordance to the Christmas spirit, we are trying to contribute to the lives of some people who are less "fortunate" in life.

Here in Slovakia poor families and families with disabled children don't get much support from the state. So the big companies that have come here want to do their share and, for example, we have this Tree of Wishes before Christmas every year here at work. Basically it's a Christmas tree standing in the lobby decorated with wishes from children in the institutions or programs that the company is co-operating with.
Some lovely people in our team went and picked a wish: a kitchen with crayons and wax to form figures out of, not that much for us to put money on. Espec…

Decisions, decisions: Bratislava vs. Tallinn

Crossroads... I'm there again and it's time to decide whether to go right or left. Or more accurately, which I prefer, South or North. 
Last week I applied for a job in Tallinn and another in our team (a promotion if you will). And I stupidly thought that the decision would be made easy when one of them I either didn't get or my salary requests were not met. But no. I got the job in Tallinn and here I was told that even though I didn't get the promotion my skills are needed. I could not decide so I listed some pros and cons.

Bratislava is a sunny, warm city in the middle of Central Europe. Easy and cheap access to all big European capitals. People are nice, open and helpful. I have the most amazing team in a big company, which usually equals multiple opportunities for developing professionally.A big company has ensured the fact that I have forged friendships that I would never have even dreamt of. I have been able to arrange activities and events for our teams succesfull…


God I miss my family... This Sunday was Fathers' Day back at home. My mum cooked a fancy dinner and they had the dogs over again for the weekend. I was looking for a card to send to dad but I was told that there is no such thing as Fathers' Day here in Slovakia. At least I could walk to the city centre on Sunday without having to watch happy families celebrating their dads all around.

Another lazy weekend. I used to hate them. I used to be stressed about what am I going to do during the weekend if I didn't have my plans clear by Wednesday. But when the weekend arrives and everybody's out of town and you're on your own and you just have to deal with it. Despite the stressing, down-shifting for weekends has never been a problem for me. Not here. 
It's a sad thought for me that some people have to pay money in order to be taught how to calm down, let go of all work pressures or other worries and just enjoy the moment. Mindfulness they call it and it's a multi mi…


Days are getting shorter (according to Facebook statuses in Finland the situation has already got critical: only couple hours of daylight a day) but the raging colour schemes everywhere are bringing some solace. It's already November so I'm starting to feel like I'm on the "winning side" time-wise: December (= home) is only a month away!  

You know that saying "Ignorance is bliss". I've come to realize how true it is. I notice a teeny tiny difference in my well-being when I don't watch the news for a while. A complete ignorance of how bad a place this world is feels nicer. Also at work I have thought how lucky I am to have such amazing team mates, but turns out that is only due to the fact that I don't understand a word of their conversations in the office. Turns out there's just as much bullying going on as there would be anywhere else, and like usually it's women who are the cruelest. Also, I've known since the beginning that Sl…


Halloween I love! Even though in reality it's a very Christian time of the year when you should go to cemetery and light a candle for someone who has passed, but for me it's all about a world-scale costume party. And I loove costume parties! And at Halloween everybody makes an effort. This year I had a two-day Halloween, one in the office and one with friends on Saturday, and because I am a superficial person I couldn't wear the same outfit for two days in a row.

As the Fun Team team leader I was responsible for organizing some Halloween happening in the office on Friday. So, the obvious option was a costume competition. Fun Team also took it upon itself to decorate the office in the Halloween's spirit. And we went all out! Even though we had to pay for all that stuff ourselves, it was more important to make the office presentable.
We even had Halloween-appropriate music prepared, candy and cookies resembling various body parts and spider's web everywhere.

I must admi…