Halloween I love! Even though in reality it's a very Christian time of the year when you should go to cemetery and light a candle for someone who has passed, but for me it's all about a world-scale costume party. And I loove costume parties! And at Halloween everybody makes an effort. This year I had a two-day Halloween, one in the office and one with friends on Saturday, and because I am a superficial person I couldn't wear the same outfit for two days in a row.

As the Fun Team team leader I was responsible for organizing some Halloween happening in the office on Friday. So, the obvious option was a costume competition. Fun Team also took it upon itself to decorate the office in the Halloween's spirit. And we went all out! Even though we had to pay for all that stuff ourselves, it was more important to make the office presentable.

We even had Halloween-appropriate music prepared, candy and cookies resembling various body parts and spider's web everywhere.

I must admit I was a little skeptic whether people would dress up but I was happily surprised when most of the team turned up in all sort of costumes. We had a Heidi, pathologist, obviously a zombie, couple Minnie Mouses and a superwoman. I like to plan my outfits so that I would have to buy as little as possible. This time the idea came together when I spotted the stripey shirt in my closet: a thief. Stripey shirt, black shorts, all the jewellery I could carry and the only thing I had to buy was a mask. Which turned out to be totally too big in comparison with my abnormally small head. I also borrowed some watches from my dear colleagues. 

Even though it was quite a busy day it was so much fun. I don't know if it was because of the people being so weirdly dressed or because there was soooo much candy everywhere. Eventually the costume competition came down to one vote's difference and the winner was the pathologist.

In the evening we went out and about but left the Halloween costumes for the next day. So, on Saturday morning I felt a little rough but, lucky me, Lenka had promised to cook lunch for us. So I walked into a ready table where a bowl of delicious pumpkin soup was set in front of me. It was amaaazing. 

I love soups but here in Slovakia they don't do soups. Their idea of a soup is water with few clumps of meat that are usually more joints and fat than meat. Quite disgusting. I really miss the proper, tangible soups in British pubs. 

After eating we opened a bottle of wine and some of us started painting faces while others tried to decide what to wear. My second Halloween look was from last year: Minnie Mouse. 

One of my favourite bars/clubs here is definitely KC Dunaj. It's in the Old Town on a little side street, on the top floor of a building that looks like a warehouse. Tourists would have a hard time locating it and even I, when taken there for the first time, was a little skeptic of how nice a place could be if it was in such a weird place. 

It's quite hipster, but I don't much care about what the other people there are like as long as I feel comfortable there. They have a balcony with an awesome view to the castle over the rooftops of Old Town and what's more they have cider! A good thing about hipsters is that they take themes seriously and this Halloween I saw some pretty awesome costumes there! Music-wise this weekend was the best ever here in Bratislava! On Friday in Primi the DJ was brilliant and even in KC Dunaj, even though the songs in the beginning of the night were a bit weird, we danced like crazy people.

Eventually I had to leave quite early when my knee started giving me a hard time (am I really that old!!??) but I guess it was the perfect time to go. I was already so tired and also didn't have to wait so long for a taxi because most of the city was still going strong. At home I noticed that the heel on my shoe was askew so maybe it was that why my knee started hurting and not me being old...


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