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Home Number 5

Along the years I've had many homes around Europe, but four of them I still consider as a home to go back to long after moving away: Turku (obviously), Brighton, Aberdeen and Bratislava. So, how can someone who has moved abroad multiple times always forget how expensive it is?! Well, here I am in my awesome new home counting whether I can afford to eat at all for the next three weeks or should I just not buy a vacuum cleaner and live surrounded by dust and stuff...

Even if I have to go on a hard core fast I have to say I'm bloody happy to have this flat! Before I've always stayed in furnished flats because I didn't plan to stay long. But usually in furnished rental flats the furniture is far from nice, so this time I opted for an empty flat so that I could see whether I have any taste for home decor at all. 
People tend to spend a lot of time figuring out the furniture in their new apartment one piece at a time. I had a week to figure out the decor in my new place AND ge…

Roadtrip Bratislava - Via Baltica - Turku

Me moving to Tallinn in the time-frame I did and with all the new furniture would not have been possible without my parents' help! They drove, much to a lot of people's astonishment, to Bratislava and back to Finland with me and aaaall my things onboard. I got a lot of comments from friends and random people suggesting that I'm a spoilt prat because no normal kid would get their parents driving through Europe like that. But that just shows how little they know; in our family it has always been very clear that one looks after one's self. That doesn't mean, though, that help wouldn't be needed and offered. In addition almost every Finn I have met in Bratislava have had their family members drive from Finland to Bratislava and back. Also, this was the easiest and the most adventurous option, which suits me fine :)

I didn't have any furniture, only clothes, shoes and bed linen. But it was pretty damn close that not everything would have fit in the car. Thank god…