Roadtrip Bratislava - Via Baltica - Turku

Me moving to Tallinn in the time-frame I did and with all the new furniture would not have been possible without my parents' help! They drove, much to a lot of people's astonishment, to Bratislava and back to Finland with me and aaaall my things onboard. I got a lot of comments from friends and random people suggesting that I'm a spoilt prat because no normal kid would get their parents driving through Europe like that. But that just shows how little they know; in our family it has always been very clear that one looks after one's self. That doesn't mean, though, that help wouldn't be needed and offered. In addition almost every Finn I have met in Bratislava have had their family members drive from Finland to Bratislava and back. Also, this was the easiest and the most adventurous option, which suits me fine :)

I didn't have any furniture, only clothes, shoes and bed linen. But it was pretty damn close that not everything would have fit in the car. Thank god they did! The norther we got the colder and snowier the surroundings got. Right before Warsaw we drove into a rush hour and a snow storm and our brand new GPS decided to call it quits. It was the most nightmarish two hours I've experienced for a long time! But we got through it and to the hotel in Lomza, Poland.

On Saturday we had to drive through Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and reach my new flat by 8pm to sign my rental contract. It was a tight schedule and the Via Baltica is a very busy but tiny road and fatally slippery in winter. The scenery was unbelievably beautiful on the way! Until we hit a wall of super-thick fog. And when I say wall, I mean WALL! The road disappeared, the car in front disappeared, the whole world just disappeared. I don't think I need to tell you, but I say it anyway: it was stressful! 

Somehow we made it to Tallinn in time, found the flat, which is most brilliantly located!, I signed the contract, got the keys, we left some of the bags from the car there and went to a hotel in the harbour. Next morning we took the first boat to Helsinki and I drove us home. From then on I had five days to find all furniture to my new cathedral-sized apartment and prepare myself mentally for a new country once again. How exciting! Stay tuned ;)


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