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Today I am proud to be a Finn !

The Finnish parliament accepted for the first time the Citizens' Initiative to legalize gay marriages and thus took a big step towards a more equal Finland. Finland was the last Nordic country to accept this kind of bill, but that still doesn't mean that the fight is over. There will be at least two more votes whether the law really comes into existence or not, but the fact that it moves forward is a big deal!
Today I shall have a drink for all my friends who one day hopefully will have the same rights when it comes to love as I do!

Christmas Market in Bratislava

I looove Christmas Markets! In my home town in Finland the Christmas market is rather small and it's only open on few weekends before Christmas. But the Christmas markets in Central Europe are world-famous. 

First up we visited the old Bratislava Market Hall, which is only open for special occasions, such as Christmas Market. There you can find all kinds of gorgeous hand-made foods and handicrafts. Pastries, chocolate, wine, vegetables, you name it, they had it. The building itself is a beautiful stone edifice built in 1910.
Through the Market Hall you come out into a square where the Christmas Market starts snaking through the Old Town to the Main Square and down to the river.We bought some pancakes (filled with local cheese bryndza, yamm!) and some hot wine. They even have glögi here! Except the range of different glögis here is huge compared to what we have on offer in Finland.

If you really want to infuriate a Finn tell them that they shouldn't be cold because they come from …

Christmas Cards

I used to make Christmas Cards myself once. I don't consider myself specifically creative but I think they looked ok. So when a colleague arranged this charity event at work to make Christmas Cards for disadvantaged children I was in. 

There was so much sparkly stuff all over the place. And people came up with the most brilliant ideas. I decided to stick to something as easy as possible. And something where I could include a lot of sparkle, obviously.
I have to admit, I wasn't exactly pleased with my end result :D

In addition to doing charity for children, me and Anni decided that one of our sales people deserves a little charity as well. She's the one who always manages to keep calm when I screw up and she has to take the blame from the customers. She's the one who always reminds me that I'm not the only one in the world who makes mistakes and that sending stuff to the wrong address isn't probably going to stop the world going around. She's always lovely and …

Take a Chance

Now, in the middle of November, I can admit that yes, autumn has arrived. This Monday was the first morning that I had to turn on the lights when waking up at 7:30. It's rainy and it's gloomy, but I can't be affected by that here. There's so much going on, so many things to do and always something to look forward to; like my housewarming party, the Christmas market in Vienna or the Christmas holidays.

Lately I've come across many Austrian people. It's funny how people from one country always have some things that tell you where they are from. Russians, Brits, Swedes and French I can pretty much recognize by looks and gestures. Austrians I didn't know much about but I am starting to think that they are very well-behaved, well-informed, just plain simple nice people. Every time I tell someone that I'm from Finland they are impressed by it. Austrians weren't. And I love the fact that I didn't have to explain myself to any of them. 
Obviously they all…

Champagne Thief

Big changes here and there but still life just goes on. My team was transferred under another company the previous Monday. Luckily my parents were visiting so I deliberately took the Monday off. Turns out that despite the huge change, the work, the systems, everything still stays the same. I also had a job interview, which I have decided to decline (never imagined that a day would come when I would say 'no' to a new job). After a long and hard deliberation I decided that giving up the team that I have now is just not worth it. There were other reasons as well, obviously, but the truth is that my current team is a brilliant one and it means a lot to me.

The weather here is still hovering around 15 degrees (except during the weekend when my parents were here, of course...) but still I managed to catch a flu, probably from one of my colleagues. It's been going on for a week now. Every morning my throat feels like there's someone going around with a chainsaw and the 10-minu…