Christmas Cards

I used to make Christmas Cards myself once. I don't consider myself specifically creative but I think they looked ok. So when a colleague arranged this charity event at work to make Christmas Cards for disadvantaged children I was in. 

There was so much sparkly stuff all over the place. And people came up with the most brilliant ideas. I decided to stick to something as easy as possible. And something where I could include a lot of sparkle, obviously.

I have to admit, I wasn't exactly pleased with my end result :D

In addition to doing charity for children, me and Anni decided that one of our sales people deserves a little charity as well. She's the one who always manages to keep calm when I screw up and she has to take the blame from the customers. She's the one who always reminds me that I'm not the only one in the world who makes mistakes and that sending stuff to the wrong address isn't probably going to stop the world going around. She's always lovely and ready to help when we ask her something for the umpteenth time.
So, I made an extra card with a LOT of sparkle and Anni composed a little thank you-rap song for her.  

Continuing with the wonderful Christmas spirit, the Christmas markets are opening all around in the big cities of Europe, Bratislava included. I've heard great things about the Christmas market in Vienna, but that will have to wait for couple more weeks. This weekend is dedicated for Bratislava. 

Have a lovely Weekend !


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