Champagne Thief

 Big changes here and there but still life just goes on. My team was transferred under another company the previous Monday. Luckily my parents were visiting so I deliberately took the Monday off. Turns out that despite the huge change, the work, the systems, everything still stays the same. I also had a job interview, which I have decided to decline (never imagined that a day would come when I would say 'no' to a new job). After a long and hard deliberation I decided that giving up the team that I have now is just not worth it. There were other reasons as well, obviously, but the truth is that my current team is a brilliant one and it means a lot to me.

The weather here is still hovering around 15 degrees (except during the weekend when my parents were here, of course...) but still I managed to catch a flu, probably from one of my colleagues. It's been going on for a week now. Every morning my throat feels like there's someone going around with a chainsaw and the 10-minute walk to work is much harder than it should be. I should take home office but even though the WiFi works fine for my mobile phones and the tablet, the most expensive and supposedly the best device, my work laptop just refuses to recognize the network. So, to the office I must go.

Last Sunday was Fathers' Day in Finland and even though I just spent a weekend with my parents I felt a little moody reading everybody's happy status updates on Facebook along the day. BUT, it's only 45 days until Christmas and only 37 days until I fly home again. I really miss my parents' fridge! Which I hope will be fully equipped when I go home ;)

As an ending I'd like to share with you the story of this man hiding behind his hat. There are interesting statues around the Old Town of Bratislava with intriguing stories (I introduced one of them in this post from July), and this dude is just one of them.

 According to legend he came to Bratislava with Napoleon's army. He fell in love with the city and decided to stay. And as a French person he obviously loved champagne. But in Bratislava they didn't have champagne. So this clever dude traveled back to France, to the county of Champagne and stole the secret recipe of French Champagne. He took it back to Bratislava and started making and selling the wonderful alcoholic beverage. Obviously they couldn't call it champagne because it was produced in Slovakia. The drink is still being sold here, but I just can't bring the brand to my mind... Nonetheless, the statues in this city are much more interesting because of the stories that they have behind them than many of the marble statues all around big capitals of Europe.


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