My Slovak Family

Sometimes life throws you against the wall and causes bruises that take years to heal. Some people succumb under the pressure, I decided I've had enough, I'll run away. They say that you can't run away from your troubles, you'll always bump into them on the way but I did exactly that and it was the best decision I ever made. When moving to Slovakia I didn't have any expectations, I didn't know where I was going. And during the one and a half years I have realized what makes me happy: 

I've always enjoyed being in a big group, I love having a lot of people around me. Important people that is. I don't know where this comes from because my family hasn't been exactly keen on having huge gatherings more than what has been an absolute necessity. Here in Slovakia I've met such amazing people who have become veery important to me as friends but also as a sort of family. We are all so different, we all have a "role" in the group, we are all necessary. I feel the same with my darling friends in Finland but here the feeling is much stronger because people here are very communal.

Last Friday I was invited to Lenka's flatmate's goodbye dinner. She was moving to Eastern Slovakia to a new house to have a baby and they wanted to invite people for a very traditional dinner. I had met this girl only once before and she didn't even speak any English. So I was extremely honoured when I got the invitation. But that was nothing compared to how I felt when we had all sat down around the table!

The night was all about good food and good company. What I really appreciate here is the fact that a dinner here doesn't have to be fancy at all, nobody and nothing is in any way pretentious. The courses are very basic - in this case sauer kraut soup, bread, nuts, cakes and local wine - and the main point is to be together. The feeling in the kitchen the moment we stepped in was already so warm it's impossible to describe, it has to be experienced, and even though a lot of the time I didn't understand what was being talked around me I didn't feel like an outsider once. The people here are amazingly accommodating. 

I make friends easily. But it still surprises me when some of the friendships turn into something almost like a family. It's a shame to leave something so precious behind but then again, true love lasts a lifetime so I think they will come and see me wherever I am and I will for sure be back to one of my favourite countries in the world, Slovakia.

The main realization of the absolutely wonderful and cosy evening was that all you really need in life, the purpose in life really is the three F's: Family, Friends and good Food. Think about it, if you lost everything you have right now but kept your family, friends and had food on the table, would life really suck so much? In my case, no it definitely would not!

I feel so inspired by this communal feeling here and I can't wait to have an apartment with a functioning kitchen so that I can organize such dinner gatherings as well! 


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