Tree of Wishes

Among the horribilities (I just made up a word!) in Paris during the past week it has been absolutely refreshing to notice some little good deeds that people do around us all the time. Like the video of people rescuing animals from all sorts of places and situations. Also at work, in accordance to the Christmas spirit, we are trying to contribute to the lives of some people who are less "fortunate" in life.

Here in Slovakia poor families and families with disabled children don't get much support from the state. So the big companies that have come here want to do their share and, for example, we have this Tree of Wishes before Christmas every year here at work. Basically it's a Christmas tree standing in the lobby decorated with wishes from children in the institutions or programs that the company is co-operating with.

Some lovely people in our team went and picked a wish: a kitchen with crayons and wax to form figures out of, not that much for us to put money on. Especially since here these things would cost between 40-160€. So, with even a group of 10 I would rather go for the one worth 160€.

Dear lord it gives me joy when I'm in the position where I can help a child even a little bit to have a more enjoyable childhood when I know that mine was pretty much perfect! Although I was aware of the fact that for a lot of people around me it wasn't. Truth of the matter is that helping someone without wanting anything back from it makes the helper happier. Usually also the one being helped ;) Today the world is again a little bit more selfish and unkind than yesterday but at least I find joy in helping others. And I still believe in the ultimate truth that Disney taught us through his movies:

 Love always conquers all. 


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