Decisions, decisions: Bratislava vs. Tallinn

Crossroads... I'm there again and it's time to decide whether to go right or left. Or more accurately, which I prefer, South or North. 

Last week I applied for a job in Tallinn and another in our team (a promotion if you will). And I stupidly thought that the decision would be made easy when one of them I either didn't get or my salary requests were not met. But no. I got the job in Tallinn and here I was told that even though I didn't get the promotion my skills are needed. I could not decide so I listed some pros and cons.

Bratislava is a sunny, warm city in the middle of Central Europe. Easy and cheap access to all big European capitals. People are nice, open and helpful. I have the most amazing team in a big company, which usually equals multiple opportunities for developing professionally.A big company has ensured the fact that I have forged friendships that I would never have even dreamt of. I have been able to arrange activities and events for our teams succesfully, which is what I really like to do. Bratislava is vibrant, interesting, lively and absolutely beautiful city and Slovakia the most gorgeous rough diamond in Europe!

The culture here is quite fallen behind civilization-wise: women have no rights when it comes to individual immunity or salary and people are too afraid to stand up to their rights in work life. Corruption can be seen everywhere, especially in the abysmal roads, which are actually quite dangerous with the holes and bumps everywhere. Despite the fact that the company I work for is big I haven't been able to move forwards in it. Unfairly, in my opinion. They tell me I have potential they want to use but they don't want to pay me for it. As a Finn that's a no-go. 

Tallinn is the capital of one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. It has evolved immensely in just 10 years and is one of the leading countries when it comes to digitalisation. It has truly interesting places worth visiting in addition to the Old Town and a fast evolving restaurant culture. It's close to Home, only three hours from Helsinki by ship (no need to fly!) but much, much cheaper. The job I was offered is closer to my expertise and educational background. It also has higher pay and more holidays. Instead of doing the one and the same thing all day every day I would have to do a bit of everything. And multitasking is my thing. It's like Finland (they even have the same National Anthem)!

Tallinn is smaller than Bratislava and the climate is nowhere near as awesome. The team I would go to is not really a team; two people plus me. It's a very small, not internationally known company that has very strict rules. I do not really know what the work will be like, what if I don't like it? It's quite a distant country: bordered with Baltic sea and Russia, so traveling would be decreased massively. It's like Finland... though hopefully not as boring and negative.

As we can detect from this contemplation I have been quite 50/50 with whether I should move to Estonia for a new and unknown job or stay here in Slovakia in the safe and familiar place.

Truth of the matter is that in Tallinn I was promised a better salary than here whereas here I was told straight on that no positions are going to be opened for me, in other words no matter how much extra work they give me and no matter how much I develop, it would not show in my salary. It's exactly like one of my best friends put it: when applying for a job and getting a rejection, they tell you they will keep your CV in case positions open up but that's just fancy talk. You either stay put and wait or you move on.

I'm not patient by any measure. So staying put and waiting whether something comes of this here or not, is not my thing. So it's time to move on towards new challenges. This is a huge decision and very different to the one I made one and a half years ago in Finland about moving to Slovakia. Back then I was totally fed up and I just wanted out. Now I really like my job and I love my team and my life here but no, I can't get stuck in a job that I was never "supposed" to do. It's time to turn another page in my book of life and what ever it brings at least I'll be much, much closer to my family and friends :)


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