You know how all blogs these days seem to be full of healthy breakfasts with smoothies that include cow piss and coffee made of squirrel poo and suggestions how your life is not full without a doze of something that tastes just as disgusting as it looks. While I'm very happy that people take care of their bodies' needs, I'm also extremely happy that I don't need to eat that crap. I stay healthy and, if not fit, at least relatively skinny with a normal breakfast that my very Finnish family has always enjoyed.

On a normal morning at home before work I need to have my cup of coffee and I usually make a quick bread with cheese and cucumber. Nothing special but enough for me. Sometimes if I wake up a bit earlier I make porridge topped with sugar and cinnamon. That's usually for slow weekend mornings, though.

But at home I get to enjoy a proper breakkie that I don't even have to cook myself. Sometimes it's scrambled eggs and bacon British style, other times porridge and a slice of bread with cheese, ham and vegetables. 

There was a time when I used to not have breakfast at all. There was also a time (in Scotland) when my day would have been lost before it even started if I didn't get an Americano with milk and a Twix. Yes, Twix was my breakfast for 6 months. In Slovakia my breakfast was not much healthier: there would have been corpses if they hadn't provided me with my every morning Americano and croissant, either empty or with lemon curd filling. Croissants are my weak point. Once on a brunch in Helsinki I stuck 10 or 12 croissants in me just because I was so happy they were provided. Croissants are not a big thing in Finland, see. 

I know a lot of people who don't eat breakfast. Some say that's unhealthy. I don't believe that. If you are fine until lunch without any food in the morning why should you force-feed yourself? It's more about what you are used to. I have now accustomed myself to have breakfast and really couldn't survive 2 hours at work without it. But I remember well when I could go on for hours without brekkie. So instead of listening to someone from a State Health Office telling you to eat a bucket of nettles in the morning you might want to just go on with what works for you and your body best and what is enough for you up until lunch time ;)


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