Rainy Days - Friend or Foe

I hate rainy days. They're so grey and dark and moody. Outside air feels colder than it would if it wasn't raining. And if you accidentally forget your umbrella home in the morning and get soaked on your way home from work you also freeze to the core.

But I do also love rainy days. I can't think of many things that make home more cozier than a hard-core rain outside while you are warm inside surrounded by pillows and drowning in your bathrobe. A cup of tea and a movie feel like a little bit of luxury then. 

Rainy days do affect me a little, I always feel much more tired when it's dark and gloomy but when you're trapped inside you also get things done that you might not do if there was an option to be outside. Maybe finally grab that book from the shelf you've been meaning to read but haven't quite found the time for it or catch up with the TV series that everybody's talking about. I also like to use this time when going outside is not an option to roam through my shoes and bags and clothes and construct new outfits with the items I already have. It's amazing how few pieces of clothing we actually need and how many different outfits you can put together with them. 

Since my move to Tallinn is still rather a recent thing I've spent these gloomy after-winter days by getting to know every inch of my flat and planning what things it is still missing. Bedside tables, decorative pillows, a carpet big enough to cover the floor-space in my bedroom... So in the end rainy days, as depressing as they are, can turn out to be rather productive.


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