Packing for Prague

Midsummer is the time when Nordic people withdraw away from the cities into hiding in their summer houses in the countryside. No matter what the weather is you sit outside and have a barbecue for four days. Last year I moved to Bratislava just before Midsummer so I didn't have much time to spend in our summer house. Neither this year. I am traveling to Prague for an alternative Midsummer with one of my best friends in Finland. 

I feel like I'm a professional when it comes to packing. I've been moving around Europe so many times that most things come automatically for me when it comes to packing... not passport, though. No, that's way too obvious.

I've been very happy to carry enormous bags on my travels instead of getting one with wheels. But now, going to Prague for five days, I thought that the bag would have to be so big that I probably couldn't carry it. So I had to go searching for a small, pull suitcase. There were these regular ones, nicely cheap and common but then this colourful beauty caught my eye. And since I looove all things colourful and noticeable I had to inspect it. It had wheels, check, it was big enough, check and it was so pretty. When I see something I want, the price doesn't matter and I don't need to think about it any further. So the bag came home with me. 

When it comes to packing, for me everything starts with the shoes. Shoes for day and evening and according to the weather. After I've chosen the shoes I can start building outfits that go with them. It's a very simple tactic and works every time; packing for me usually takes from ten to twenty minutes and I'm ready to roll. Despite this I still always have to pack latest a week before the trip!

I am looking forwards to this trip so much! I've heard only good things about Prague. The only downer seems to be the weather, which is making a dip of ten degrees the day we're due to arrive there... Oh well, at least we won't be sweating like pigs all the time.

I think it's going to be a legendary Midsummer :)


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