Reality check

It's been the longest August ever. I've been quite homesick and almost obsessed with getting a new direction for my life. Every day at work when I mark the date up I'm disappointed that it's still August, because it feels like by now we should already be in September and much closer to Christmas. Even though I've been applying for jobs in Finland every day I feel sort of 50/50 about it. First of all the reality is that with over 10% unemployment who would hire someone from abroad when that person already has a job while there are completely able people in Finland applying for the same job. I know I probably wouldn't. And also, if I got a job in Finland in a small company for how long would I actually enjoy it? Maybe a year but after that all the things that have always troubled me there (climate!!) would catch up with me again. 

I think the last reality check came yesterday when I was reading the news in my country: around 1000 people being fired in one day in a country of only 5 million people is a huge deal. And since there already are hundreads of thousands of unemployed already I should simply count my blessings. I have a job that I actually like. I have friends here and a climate that is just made for me. I have everything I have ever wanted... except my family within a driving distance.

So, I guess it's fair; I have a life but not everything goes exactly as I want... That has always been a bit difficult for me to admit and come into terms with. 

If August was boring it definitely ended with a bang: a colleague and a darling friend got into an accident on Thursday morning. After she had been late from work for ten minutes I got this feeling that something's wrong. And I told others about it and they hated me for making them worried as well. And I was right! Thankfully they survived the accident with a broken arm each and maybe some little traumas towards cycling. This also meant that I would be working alone on Friday, the busiest day of the week. Even though I had to work a little overtime I felt so super after the long day: this lazy weekend is definitely deserved!

So now I'm just going to enjoy the fact that life is good and concentrate on what September brings along: two of my former Finnish colleagues coming to visit, a bachelorette party in Brno(!!), beer festivals and a visit from a friend in Finland at the end of the month, which means Budapest, I'll be seeing you again soon :)


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