Super June

Finally back in Tallinn after a month of traveling all over the place. Good to be back! I arrived again on the last ship on Wednesday evening and oh how wonderful it was to close the door behind me and see my perfect apartment in front of me just as I left it three weeks before. My couch, my kettle and my bed! I can't even count how many kilometers or hours I spent altogether on buses around the European subcontinent or the places where I slept. Even at my parents' place I sleep in my brother's old room so I didn't feel "at home" sleeping anywhere this past month. 

But don't get me wrong, I am not complaining! This has been probably the best June I've ever had, also weather-wise! Instead of going to Turku to home office after my trip to Slovakia I was able to go home and work from there already on the second week of the month. Being able to work from basically anywhere is an absolute necessity to me these days, I don't even understand what it would be like not having this flexibility with work location any more. Because of such flexibility I was able to see my wonderful, beautiful girls and visit the summer house before flying off to Budapest and from there to darling Bratislava.

This one-week-holiday was a nice break, but surprisingly I also needed it. It was so nice to be back there, the atmosphere in those Central European cities is so much warmer and friendlier than up North and it's just so comfortable to be there. I didn't have a plan for the holiday, I like to go with the flow, which once again was the best plan ever!

In Bratislava I went to see my team and had coffee and lunch with friends who I met there in the office. I also had an after-work with the Finns who had started just before or after I left Dell. On Saturday I was asked to go on a road-trip through Austria to the little town of Sopron in Hungary. We had a lovely lunch and walked around the medieval, beautiful town until it started raining and it was time to go back to Brati to watch football. 

On Sunday couple friends wanted to go rollerskating to Vienna so we took the bus there (because it's just that easy) and while they were skating me and my host, aka friend, had a little tourist round through Vienna. Our final destination there was the amusement park Prater. I haven't been to an amusement park since I was a teenager and oh my lord how much fun did we have! I have never been so scared but helplessly amused! I only went to couple roller coasters because the hangover from the previous night's hip hop party was threatening to take over but each ride was worth every euro! Monday and Tuesday were relaxed last days walking around my lovely Bratislava, having lunch with friends and just relaxing in the sun. It's a good place for a human being to be in, Slovakia.

Back to Finland with a night flight, two-hour wait for the first bus to Turku at 4am and straight to work when I got home (read: open laptop and have a snooze). Thankfully it was only two days of work because Midsummer meant that Friday was off.

The nightless night when the sun doesn't set. Beautiful, magical, totally frustrating phenomenon for poor foreigners who cannot sleep for couple of months up here in the North. The only place to be during Midsummer is a summer house. Preferably by the sea! And a sauna by the sea!! I finally managed to "shed the winter fur" and have a little swim in the Baltic Sea, after which running to sauna to warm up. 

I was supposed to return to Estonia straight after Midsummer but since my colleague was still traveling I figured I might just as well keep working from home. So I did and on Wednesday I took the last night boat back and got to brush up my Turku/Estonia language skills with a surprisingly lovely female taxi driver from the harbour. I didn't feel any particular hurry to come back here but now that I am back... Me so happy! Tallinn is such a lovely city and even if it wasn't I have the best apartment in town! :D After such an awesome June I am ready to welcome any adventures July might bring along!


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