The Finnish Summer

Finnish Summer, the tragicomic phenomenon and a global laughing stock. It is something that we Finns have developed a very black sense of humour for because otherwise we couldn't cope. We "proudly" advertise this special phenomenon in the social media where it has lately gathered quite an audience all the way in China. You always know how it's going to be and still you are every year just as or even more disappointed as last year when it was colder in July than in December and when after nine months of waiting for the sunshine all you get is black clouds that spit on you constantly. And then comes Autumn with a little bit less rain, but rain nonetheless, and the deepening darkness. 

BUT! This summer so far has been surprisingly gentle. May and June were very sunny and warm, I even managed to tan so much that after a dozen years I finally got my freckles back! Obviously it rained every now and then but not all day every day. In Tallinn June was even better but I wasn't there to experience it. And then came July, the major holiday month for Finns when the entire country is closed. And with that came the real Finnish summer: rain, rain, rain and a little bit more rain.

Apparently things got so bad in Finland that they even started telling in the news that Tallinn was also almost drowning! I got a worried message from my mum asking how I will survive in the floods... I was very much confused what she could be referring to since it had drizzled for two minutes at lunch time and been sunny all day since. But it seems that Estonia's Northern neighbours cannot live with the fact that while they are drowning we are not and they sent the barrels of rain here today. All day it has rained for five minutes so hard that if you went outside you'd be flattened. And then it has been sunny for five minutes. And then it rains again for five minutes... 

I think it's enough now though. This is not Finland, we don't deserve this shit, poor Estonians don't have a sense of humour to keep them mentally sound in such a weather! They really don't! So for the sake of my shoes and the humourless Estonians please Finland take back this summer of yours! 


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