My Strange Habits x 15

Listening to music before falling asleep. I put the music away when I have fallen sufficiently close to passing out.

I hold a cup of tea or coffee ”wrong”: I take the whole cup in my hand(s) even if there is a handle for picking the cup up. This is a habit that was pointed out to me when I was very little and still, to this day, I haven’t been able to shake it.

I have a collection of books, which I read all over and over again. I’m extremely particular with books, I can’t just read any book, it needs to match my requirements precisely... Except even I can’t describe what exactly those requirements are.

In my apartment there must always be noise. If I’m home the TV is always on, even if there’s nothing interesting to watch.

When I take home office, I actually work. The whole 8 hours.

I must always choose and prepare my clothes for the next morning before going to sleep. If I don’t do it there’s no point getting up the next morning.

I buy the exact same spinach-feta pastry for lunch every single day, 5 days a week.

While traveling I must have a pair of trousers, a blouse, a pair of shoes and underwear in my handbag in case my flight is disrupted or my suitcase is sent to the wrong destination. I've learned this through experience.

I cannot wear the same pair of shoes or the same bag two days in a row. It would feel like the world has shifted to a bad direction if I did leave the house twice in the same shoes...

My favourite past-time is to find people to annoy and reeally get on their nerves. I have noticed that Americans are especially good targets for such amusement; they are not particularly clever and don’t understand sarcasm one bit (just joking).

I would never even consider answering the door unless I knew beforehand who exactly was behind it.

When I feel very lazy (and can’t afford proper food) I just eat ciabatta bread and cheese for a week on end. 

I cry. Often. I don’t need a big reason, a cute dog will do. Sometimes I just make myself cry if I feel like crap because afterwords I feel like I’ve been cleanced. Try it, it really works.

When I return home from any travel, be it just a weekend or a week, regardless of the time I must have a cup of tea. I'm not properly home until I have downed a bucket-sized mug of tea. 

I am unable to get from place A to place B if I am not accompanied by my set of music. It doesn't matter if I'm walking, taking a bus or flying, I need music to keep the world turning. Especially if I have to use public transport because I hate it and I need to make the world around me disappear while I'm on it.


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