My 2017 Highlights

Listing your highlights from the past year is a common practice for social media users around the globe when the year is nearing its end. I encountered this question as early this year as October and it got me thinking...

The years when I have actually achieved a lot (moving abroad; getting a job in a huge, international company; achieving a long-time dream, etc.) I never acknowledged those achievements much. Personally, of course, I was aware of what had happened and been done but I didn’t shout about it publicly. On the other hand, the few years that have truly been the most trying in my life so far I have mentioned. Usually in a form of a prayer or a heart-felt wish that the next year would please be better. So far I have gotten that wish... Most of the time.

But honestly, how your next year turns out to be depends a lot on how you embark on it; do you start the year with the Finnish mentality ”it’s gonna be just as shit as the last one, nothing ever changes” or do you start by taking a more positive viewpoint on future; ”it can’t get any worse, the only way is up and up I shall go!”?

I’ve noticed that looking back has never benefited anyone. You can’t change history (even as recent history as what happened 1 minute ago) and you can’t affect the future. What may come, comes and you must soldier on regardless.

Thinking back on 2017 I found myself baffled... I can’t remember anything happening this year. I had to go to my Instagram and scroll down all the way to the picture stating the end of 2016 and scroll up from there to see what my year had looked like.

And it turns out that despite me feeling like nothing happened this year, a lot has actually come to pass: I have traveled to Riga, Latvia and Pula, Croatia, I attended a dear friend’s extremely happy and warm wedding, and I have coped excellently with living in a country that I don’t particularly like doing a job that doesn’t challenge me at all. Much better than I did in 2016 anyway. 

Most of the year has been quite uneventful when considering what I have grown accustomed to; a lot of drama and big changes at regular basis. But the last quarter of 2017 has paid off for the rest of the year. I met a man who still, after 4 months of dating, hasn't bored me to death. I traveled to Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest remembering my old hoods and meeting some of my favourite people on Earth. And just before that I got an offer to start work in one of the biggest Scandinavian banks in January. 

So, here we go! I have a feeling my life is about to start rolling again. So far it has been like I've been on stand-still, like an air plane waiting for permission to move to the runway. But now I'm on the runway and the acceleration is about to commence. I'm so ready for it! 2018, bring it on! <3


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