Challenge Accepted !

As mentioned in the previous post I am not happy with the new job and thus the life I've lead since the beginning of 2018.

This unhappiness and how stress has literally occupied every corner of my mind can be seen also as the loss of all creativity in me, thus the blog has been silent for months.

But now, with a new set of goals and a new determination born from the ultimate disappointment that this new job has been, I decided to challenge myself:

I found a list of 10 questions worth asking myself. Whether as an employee, a manager or just an individual these 10 questions seemed like interesting points to ponder on so from now on I will ask myself one question each week and see what thoughts come forth.

First of all this is a good idea for me because I love writing and I've missed it. But also I hope I will come up with new ideas and perhaps some new realizations about myself and my life that I maybe wasn't aware of before.

So, challenge accepted, let the pondering begin! :)


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