1 Month Anniversary

A month at Dell s.r.o! And I have nothing but positive things to say about working here! I've been fortunate enough to always have great colleagues in every job, but I have never experienced such relaxed and enjoyable working environment. As long as you do your job properly, it doesn't matter if your coffee break stretches a little. The work itself is very precise and takes a lot of attention to detail. Completely different than what I have done before: marketing and selling gives more space for creativity and improvisasion. But in my case this is a brilliant thing! I'm learning new things and I'm broadening my know-how even further.  

Colleagues, as I have mentioned, are absolutely wonderful. Very helpful and supportive and if there is something happening after work they ask people to join. For example, this weekend we are going hiking outside Bratislava! A 10-kilometre hike to a castle in Pajstun. I am sooo excited! I've been extremely lazy when it comes to sports so finally some more interesting way of exercising than runnin around a track.

Meanwhile below are pictures of our climb to the Slavin again yesterday. The Nordic community, which means people supporting the Nordic countries in Dell, who are mostly Slovaks, arranged a picnic on top of the hill.

I am truly lucky when it comes to colleagues and meeting new people! The trip to Slavin was so much fun. And I wasn't even too hungover the next morning :D Below Orsi, a Hungarian girl who speaks Finnish and so works in the Finnish order management team with me, is opening a refreshing bottle of water. Do note the fact that the bottle is about to explode. Needless to say after this picture was taken one of my shoes was taken over by a tiny lake. Didn't matter, though, because it was so hot it took about 5 minutes for the shoe to dry.


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