It's not about the money

I don't handle boredom very well. I have no trouble down-shifting and doing absolutely nothing every now and then but I think such lazy moment have to be "earned". Busy week at work would be great excuse for a lazy weekend. But when work is scarce, days at the office are short and I have nothing to do at home. So, a weekend without any plans haunted me through last week. I had quite enough free time to last for the rest of my life when I was jobless, so two days of doing absolutely nothing is not an option for me.

I then planned myself a Saturday on my own. Sleep long, then went to the beach for couple of hours (and obviously burned my cheekbones rather nicely). Then went to Eurovea to browse around the stores for a while and had some lunch. I don't mind being on my own but the hard part is staying quiet. Sure you can talk on your own but that might gain some surprised looks from the people close by.

When I have a lot of time in my hands and nothing to spend it on I think about all kinds of things. This time it was work. Being jobless was the biggest nightmare of my life. I need a routine, something to do every single day, otherwise I just feel like a waste of space and I'm not. Before I worked to get money. I did extra shifts and longer days in order to get a little bit heavier wallet at the end of the month. But now my reasons for working have changed. Although money makes living life with my standards much easier I didn't even remember to check if my first salary had been paid. More important was the fact that I'm learning and doing something worthwhile every day.

People are all the time talking about their salaries, how they should earn more, bla bla bla. My salary isn't anywhere near sky-high, but it's quite ok. If I want to buy clothes I can go and buy clothes. If I want to save money, I just transfer some into my savings account. If I want to travel I just go and travel. What else are you supposed to do with your salary? If I got more money, fine, but in reality I wouldn't change anything in the way I live my life.

There's always something that I want: expensive shoes, a Chanel bag, a bigger apartment with expensive furniture... And one day I may have all those things. If not, it doesn't matter. I have a job, I have my family and my friends and if I want something material I go and buy it. Amen.

By the way, there's a new girl from Finland starting at Dell this week. That's another great thing about my work: new people to meet every day :) 


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