Girly Weekend

Most people here return to their home cities/countries during weekends, but since my home country happens to be a couple thousand kilometers away spending my weekends there is quite impossible. So, this time it was super nice when everybody decided to stay in Bratislava and we had a proper shopping spree in the city's biggest shopping mall, Aupark.

And because shopping, when done properly, is hard work we needed to fuel ourselves up before getting down to business and sushi buffet was the perfect lunch option. I have a hard core love-hate relationship with wasabi: even though it literally kicks me in the face in every mouthful I have to take more and more each time because it's just sooo good!

After lunch we were ready to roll. And I don't know if it was because of the brilliant lunch but the very first shop we stepped into provided me with the kind of skirt that I have been looking for for ages, a leather midi skirt! This spring and summer is all about bringing back the 70's (as far as fashion shows go) so this skirt is definitely in. And even if it wasn't I wouldn't care, because it's perfect.

I have also been looking for the perfect white blazer for two years now and on Saturday it finally appeared on my way. Secondly I have been thinking about buying a cover for my iPhone, but haven't found any nice ones. Until on Saturday my friend came to me with this super-sparkly cover. Perfect! I have never had such success when shopping, but one of my friends did even better: I think she got altogether 4 or 5 outfits which she can mix and match so that in the end they will count for something like 15 outfits.

On Saturday evening we had planned to go to a friend's place outside Bratislava, in Galanta. We had estimated we would leave Brati around 6pm. Fat chance due to the shopping stretching a little bit, so we actually managed to leave just before 8. But it was OK, it was going to be a slumber party anyway with wine and movies. And the cutest ever giant pug, Rocky! <3 

Perfect ending for a successful shopping Saturday included pizza, white wine and small snacks with a long and lazy morning to follow.

And this is what Rocky thought of us eating pizza and other things without sharing anything with him:


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