Valentine's Day vs. Friends' Day

In most of the Western countries florists are rubbing their hands together happily because the day when they sell the most roses (or pink and red flowers) is upon us. Valentine's Day, or the Finnish version Friends' Day (Ystävänpäivä).

Couple interesting facts about Valentine's Day; in the USA 19% of women buy and send flowers to themselves. And in Japan it is traditional for women to dote on men with chocolates etc. unlike in Europe or the United States where it's the other way around. 

Anyway, while Valentine's Day has become little more than an excuse for women to demand their counterparts to present them with whatever from expensive jewelry to huge boxes of chocolate, I also think that is a very discriminating day. It celebrates couples, and only couples, even though many people these days don't even want to engage in a relationship when the social pressures (family honour, etc.) are in most countries gone. 

I would much rather like to see the Finnish version of this day spreading globally: Friends' Day. The clue is in the name: it's for everyone who has at least one friend. In my opinion the word 'friend' applies for anyone who you love, who is important to you and close to you. It can be a parent, a pet, a teacher or someone you've traveled through life with. Fortunate me, I have such people all around the world.

Picture by Emmi Tardy <3

Despite the fact that I have a date scheduled for Valentine's Day, instead of remembering one person I remember all the people who have brought so much happiness, laughter and joy into my life for years and years. 

So, Happy Valentine's Day / Ystävänpäivää to all my lovely little nutters out there! <3 


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