Easter and After

Back in Bratislava again. Seemed like I brought the gray clouds with me but thankfully they were gone by Thursday. It was great to be home, especially because the month was very action-packed, but it is also nice to be back in Brati. The trees here are full of flowers and pushing new leaves and there's the smell of fresh grass everywhere. 

My last weekend in Finland was the Easter weekend, which provided us with enough time to go to see one of my favourite girls up in Kajaani. It takes between 7-9 hours to drive there so going there for only one day doesn't make so much sense. In addition to spending the weekend with my best friends it was also the perfect distraction for me; I didn't think about the fact that I was leaving again on Tuesday at all.

My friend and her husband had bought and renovated a house in Kajaani and now they had a little baby-boy. I thought that going to Kajaani would not leave me with enough time to pack and get ready to go, but the fact that I would have to wait another three months before seeing my friend and her little boy changed my mind. I had to get something for the little one and obviously it had to be shoes: Converse sneakers so that he is ready for summer :D

The weekend was all about food, drink, more food and catching up with gossip. We also had time to get familiar with Kajaani night life. I hope we didn't traumatize my friend's neighbours too severely with the noise... 

It was such a relaxing and lovely weekend. I do have the best friends in the world! <3

Pasha: a Russian Easter dessert with cream and lemon

On Tuesday I had my life packed up again and was ready to roll. I was quite all right through the day but when we arrived to the airport I started shaking. And while sitting by my gate there was some religious group that all of a sudden started praying in a circle, shouting something about Jesus in Austrian. It didn't help with my panic at all because no matter what religion you have, if you take it too seriously you are unpredictable. I was very relieved when only two of those people came to my flight. 

Cool part was that the representatives for Finland in this year's Eurovision song contest, Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät, were on the same flight. I figured if they're here this plane can't go down bad. It still didn't help with the fact that we had 200 meters/second tailwind all the way, which meant that the plane was shaking like crazy and almost made couple cartwheels. I may have been hanging on the arms of the people sitting next to me with my nails most of the way... Sorry for that.  

Thankfully I survived because we had scheduled a team breakfast for Wednesday and I had all these Finnish treats with me: rye bread with cheese spread and reindeer meat. My colleague had made Carelian pies and even though she didn't have the "accurate" rise they were perfect. 12 points go to Orsi! The food went down surprisingly well and people were really impressed with the rye bread. That's a first :)


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