Out with the Old, in with the New

I knew when I moved here that people who come from other countries don't tend to stay much longer than a year. I wasn't planning on staying longer than a year or two either. Nonetheless now that the people who moved here around the same time as I did are starting to move on again I'm feeling a bit moody. Even though, thank goodness for the weather, my moodiness is under control most of the time. 

I know that they are hiring new people all the time here but still I doubt that, whoever turns up, I won't have the same connection with them as I have with these people here now. I've encountered some amazing people and made absolutely wonderful friends. On the other hand I wasn't expecting to find such good friends anywhere else after leaving Scotland, but I was wrong. And for once I'm happy to say that :)


There's one thing I've noticed lately all around that I have NEVER seen in Finland and I can't imagine ever seeing there. Here trees and bushes are full of flowers and people stop in the middle of the streets to smell them. Mothers are pulling branches down to their daughters to smell and someone half running to a bus stops to enjoy the wonderful smell of flowers missing the bus. There's a lilac tree growing in front of my window and it smells heavenly. On Sunday I saw a woman walking by it, stopping and reaching for a branch. She kept smelling the flowers for two whole minutes and stroked her face with them. Sounds ridiculous but when she walked on she had tears in her eyes. Happy tears, I could tell. Now that's what I call appreciating the small things in life. Something Finns have completely lost among all that individualism gone narcissism and me-me-me-culture.

This Sunday is Mothers' Day in most countries. I think it's the first Mothers' Day I'm not spending in Finland. But that's OK because my parents are coming for a long weekend trip to Vienna next week. My goal for the weekend is to find a decent restaurant with quality food from the city. I've been there three times, but I still haven't found a restaurant that I would've left thinking "wow, that was good food". And that's sort of the point of any restaurant in my opinion. Cafés there I can recommend... restaurants so far: none.


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