My colleagues in Slovakia were very surprised when I told them that I was going to spend a month vacationing in Finland... In Finland! Not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about summer vacation destinations. Truth is that July and August are usually very warm and sunny in Finland. Except this year. It's been raining every. Single. Day! But as much as my mental well-being is dependent on the weather, the cloudy, rainy days haven't really bothered me. 

I wished that if I could choose just one weekend this July that would be sunny and warm it would be the first weekend, the festival weekend. And it was sunny and warm! And because I got my wish I can't be upset about the fact that after that weekend the temperature hasn't been over 20 degrees. Can't have it all.

I've spent a lot of time at our summer house doing nothing. This week I worked, but that's been ok because I've had the evenings free, which have been quite enough for seeing my friends and going horseback riding after years and years.

This holiday has been perfect so far, and I still have two weeks to go. I've had time to leave my brain "behind the door" and relax completely (which I really needed) and also had time to see my friends and do things that I wanted to do. I still need to go to Helsinki and see more friends and maybe go riding again if schedules allow. Yes, there can be a gentle schedule even when on holidays ;)

So days go on and August draws closer. I'm getting excited about Autumn. I feel like it's time to start thinking about moving on again, whether it's inside the company or to another country I don't know. And I LOVE the fact that I don't know. Feels like all the doors are open.


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