Preparing for Tatras

How many times do you have to fail to learn? Everybody knows that Googleing is the best way to lie to yourself. So of course I Googled altitude effects on human body to prepare for this week's trip to High Tatras. Last time I had an issue with the lack of oxygen and Google encouraged me with these words:
- swollen brain
- thickening of blood
- lungs collapsing
- balance problems etc.

Not what I would call good preparation this Google, but if I can make the climb even a little bit easier for me, or Orsi, I would love to do that!

Despite the fact that breathing up there is an unbearable challenge I am SO full of anticipation and excitement! We're going to higher and more challenging places this time and even though there is the risk that you actually fall down a hill I want to go already! I guess I'm some sort of an adrenaline addict, what with my history of skydiving, choosing the most challenging and dangerous slope when downhill skiing, and moving abroad alone to countries that nobody around me knows anything about and doing things there that most people wouldn't even think of doing, like climbing mountains.

But the truth is that I hate boredom and since we are on this Earth only once I'm gonna make that one time so worth it that I could never regret it.

In Finland I have never been up to outdoor activities. Yes, I've been skiing, skating, downhill skiing, etc. but that was usually because of school. Voluntarily going out in there when the weather is 80% of the occasions absolutely horrible... not interested. And it's a flat country so there isn't so much exciting stuff you could do anyway.

But because of this I've never had proper equipment for outdoor activities. Last time I borrowed a jacket and a backpack from someone, I had my basic sneakers (which turned out to be perfect!) and running trousers with leggings underneath. I still need to borrow a backpack and I am again wearing my running trousers and sneakers but at least I went and purchased a proper jacket with fleece lining and a tracker (in case I lose myself in the forest which isn't that unlikely).

So far the weather is looking quite bad: rain and around 5 degrees warm. There's already ice and snow on the top so we won't be going that high, but hopefully we will be able to get high enough to get above the possible clouds and get proper pictures!

Its own challenge is also going to be my knee. I dislocated it slightly in Budapest so ever since then it's been quite swollen and full of fluid. It's getting better and I haven't had to go to a doctor to empty it before so I'm hoping that it will be back to "normal" by Friday. I did have to ask my parents to send me the extra tight knee support from Finland, though. But I'm not gonna let that slow me down, my knee is a lost case anyway. The only obstacle I see for now is Mother Nature but we'll be begging for her to be kind to us. 


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