International Women's Day

International women's day! Still in the 21st century, even though we in Nordic countries don't put much stock on it, it is a very important day, in my opinion. In my several travels I have realized how much work we still have to do even in Europe to reach equality between sexes. In Southern and Eastern European countries women are still too often seen as baby dispensers and as someones whose only purpose in life is to make a man happy. Also in Western countries this can be seen unfortunately much and it's not necessarily a man's fault that a woman is in such a repressed position in a relationship. Eventually we have to take charge of how people around us perceive us and not let them determine that for us.

In Finland I have followed how we have slipped backwards worth several decades in just a year or two when it comes to attitudes towards women. Internet has given men an easy and faceless way to attack unknown women who dare to think differently from themselves. That is why I think that women's day today is a little bit more important even than it was about five years ago. When you get too comfortable with something or think that something has been achieved someone will always turn up and fuck it up and you have to start all over again from the beginning. 

I'm going to enjoy this day because I am a free woman, have been since I was born. I have always had the opportunities to do whatever I have ever wanted, to try without having to be afraid that a mistake could be fatal. I grew up surrounded by extremely strong women and they have always been my heroes and my role models. I wouldn't be as strong a person today without them. 

And even though self esteem issues prevent most women from performing to their full potential in life I know that while I don't suffer from such issues it is bloody brilliant to be a woman! I am beautiful and so strong that I can move mountains if I really want to! So this day is to me and my friends who are as beautiful and strong, but also for all the women who are in this world without any rights to their own life, oppressed beyond measure. The ultimate truth is women are the bread and butter in this world!


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