Tea Time

Even though moving sucks big time (especially moving from one country to another!) it comes often with lovely surprises and discoveries. You unpack and discover things you didn't remember you had!

I've lived in Tallinn now for two months and all this time I've had one box in the living room on the kitchen threshold untouched. I knew that it consisted of the most expensive dishes I own and they are quite graphic and deserve a good place in the apartment. But I haven't been able to find a place for them. But then the weekend came when my parents were visiting and I had to get rid of the box.

When I started going through the things there I remembered why I wanted to start collecting them. They are lovely pieces of kitchen-ware with subtle mint-green edges. They definitely deserve to be used! 

I drink tea a lot! I love tea, there are so many flavours and drinking tea is its own little moment of relaxation. Tea is also a genuinely calming substance, which I learned in England (where else). 

I shared a flat in London with three people and one day I had a proper meltdown and my flatmate in the room heard it. He came to check up on me, saw me sitting on the floor having a tantrum and all he could think of doing was to tell me "I'll bring you a cup of tea, dear." And he did and it was all I needed to calm down, so simple. Ok, I guess it was the combination of him being so lovely but also the tea, how it makes you feel so warm. 10 points to the Brits for finding the best cure for mild meltdowns! 

For such a shallow person as me it also makes tea time a little bit more special when you have such beautiful dishes to enjoy tea and pastries from :)


  1. Hi dear
    I am also drink tea a day I prefer 2-3 cups of tea.Any way very nice and interesting blog post.Thanks for taking the time to post this.


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