Exit Room Experience in Tallinn

Escape Rooms have been really popular all over the world for the past few years. Who ever created this idea, hooray to them! Escape Rooms are exactly what you would expect: you are locked into a space with a varied theme and your job is to find solutions to riddles and find hints in the furniture to be able to get out within an hour. If you are experiencing a stressful time in your life I can gladly recommend an hour's escape room experience! It really sucks you in and for an hour you forget about everything that might be outside that room, it's rather therapeutic really. 

There are loads of different kinds of escape rooms to choose from; individual people who have reserved one room from their apartment for this kind of physical puzzles that people are willing to pay for, and actual companies that have rented an entire space to set up this experience in, some of them even have a bar and space to hang out in after the hour's ordeal.

I had my first ever Escape Room experience in Tallinn. I had heard about a website, exitroom.ee, where you can choose from multiple themes. They had two sites, both of them specialized in their own themes: one had a KGB and a Crazy Doctor theme, the other Dracula's lair and a bomb room. I was impressed by this company from the go: their website was very professionally made, they organized team-buildings and birthdays, etc. in addition to hosting just groups of friends and I had noticed one of their sites on my weekend morning walk: a cellar of a very old stone house. This one was on the Weizenbergi street only 10 minutes walk from the Old Town. The other site was also located in the cellar of an old house on Tatari street, 10 minutes from the Freedom Square. Gloomy-looking places, perfect to set up the escape experience.

Since we are in Tallinn I obviously had to try the KGB escape. The experience started with a Communist general handcuffing my hands behind my back and leaving us all in a room where Stalin (or Lenin) was roaring the propaganda from the loudspeakers and light was very dim. I concentrated in lifting paintings off the walls and going through the books in the book case while others rummaged through a desk and a drawer. Saturday morning was perhaps not the best time to do this and we had to be given quite a lot of hints via walkie-talkie but we managed to get there in the end. But when we finally found the key for the front door it wouldn't budge so when we finally burst out of the room, we had spent 59 minutes 36 seconds in there. So, basically if this had been a real case of trying to escape the Communists, we would have burst straight into their arms :D

Another opportunity to attempt an escape came as our trainees neared the end of their internship period and we wanted to take them out for a thank you for all their work. So we booked the bomb room. Another shocking start for the experience when we were all asked to put black bags over our heads. This time we managed to get out in 53 minutes! Still not exactly impressive but hey, it's an improvement. So, for a tad different Tallinn experience I warmly recommend the local Escape and Exit Rooms! 



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