It's reality now, I am going! An official job offer was made and I accepted it and as a result got to do all kinds of onboarding tasks, background checks and preparations for moving to another country. I must say, even though there has been a lot of work to be done before my accepting of the offer has been properly verified, all the tasks have been useful and illuminating. I finally have a small idea of where I am going. There's still a lot to do when I get to Slovakia. Also, it's not just paperwork regarding the job and moving to Slovakia, but there is also a truck load of paperwork to be done for all kinds of Finnish authorities. But it is probably best to notify absolutely every place here where I live because you never know what can happen.

So, after the background checks and such I got to the business of booking flights. It wasn't quite as easy as I originally thought. I ended up looking up every single European airline and went through all of them trying to find flights from Finland to Bratislava. I had one specification that I wasn't going to negotiate on: I had to get all the way to Bratislava by plane. Taking a bus from, for example, Vienna would have been cheap, but with all bags and things traveling with me... I'm not up for it. So, the cheapest option in the end was to fly first to Oslo, in other words to a completely wrong direction. Then waiting there for 9 hours for a connecting flight to Bratislava. Not exactly pleasant, but it was the "best" option I could find.

Happy happy happy! @ Aberdeen Airport in 2011

Here's what bothers me; I know Finland is a little fly's crap on the map that few people have even heard of. But how can it be so bloody difficult to find un-expensive flights to any big Central European capitals??! Gdansk is easy to get to, but for example flights to Vienna or Prague were scarce, ridiculously expensive and also went through Copenhagen or Oslo. Why?? Isn't there any demand from Finland to the Central European countries? These days it should be sooo easy and fast to get anywhere in the world. Bollocks! I don't know if it's just because of the recession, but I cannot believe it even though I'm seeing it, but I hope this will change soon and flights between Finland and Central Europe will multiply! 

PS. Departure on 14th June at 7:15AM


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