I got the job !!

Yesterday came the call. I recognized the number on my phone and prepared for another kick in the face; that's it, another job slipping through my fingers. Then I hear a voice at the other end of the line saying "I would like to welcome you to our team and congratulate you..." for which I just had to go "stop, stop, STOOP!" I had to double check. But yes, I got kicked in the face but for a change with the most wonderful news: I got the job!! I'm moving to Bratislava, Slovakia!! 

In the first interview I was asked why I had applied for a job in Slovakia. I hadn't expected the call, let alone that question, and honestly all I knew about Slovakia was that once upon a time it was a part of Czechoslovakia... not much to go by. But I did my research and came to the conclusion that it is just as lovely a country as all other Central European countries. Not that I've ever been in any of them. 

But I'm going! Not clear on when exactly, but I am definitely going! At the moment I'm still trying to process this big news and trying to understand what has actually happened and what is about to happen but I'm just so happy! I can only take Finland for so long and it's my time to go again. I'm looking around in my little apartment and all the things I have and thinking how the hell am I going to get all these things carried to another country.....



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