I'm Home

When reading Finnish newspapers I couldn't be happier that I do not live there. Not only because they've dug themselves into a ditch from which they will not get up for many years, but also because for the past week all headlines have been about the weather getting rather wintry. Whereas here in Bratislava it couldn't be much more summer-like! On Saturday I thought I'd go to Ikea to get some things for my new home, but instead I got stuck on a terrace by the river with lunch and cocktails. 

But anyway, last Wednesday I finally moved to a place that I can actually call home! Thanks to my wonderful colleagues the move went super smoothly. Moving isn't one of my favourite things in life, especially when in only 4 months I've managed to gather so much stuff that even 4 suitcases could not take it all. Packing everything was easy enough, but the unpacking... well, it sort of took me 4 days.

It was a busy week so Saturday was the first day that I really got to relax in my new home. And oh, the joy when I finally have internet fast enough for watching Finnish programs online! Although Moomins are restricted (fuck Yle!!) as is also Putous (screw MTV3!!). But at least some of my favourite programs are available here. 

Basically when I got Hyvät ja Huonot Uutiset rolling, I just beamed like an idiot for the rest of the night.

I finally have a kitchen that I don't have to share with anyone! And I finally have a big bed and an armchair (two actually) to curl up in with a huge cup of tea and a magazine! And what's also brilliant is that I am close to everything; work is only 10 minutes' walk away, the city centre 15-20 minutes. I have a brand new shopping centre right in front of my house and every bus and tram in Bratislava passes in front of it. I also have a colleague living two floors above me. 

What this move made me realize is that with this much stuff it is impossible for me to move back to Finland unless I get a car in which I can fit everything and drive through Europe. Not a bad option actually. But I can also just move one country to West, one country North-West or one country North. Seems like an easier option since I am planning to go get some more stuff, like pillows, candles and maybe a painting on the wall...


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