Even with everything (eventually) going pear-shaped at work I got involved in the Fun Team. It is uncertain whether me being involved in organizing activities for another firm is permitted or not but whatever the case I will be involved in it. Just try and stop me.

I like administrative work, I always have. Demanding work that requires me to use my imagination as well as doing all the routine tasks every day. Multitasking I love. I was just about to get comfortable with the stableness and the safe, simple work that I have: very routine, same responsibilities, same tasks, same everything everyday. And it's good, for a change I like that there is no risk of making enormous mistakes or having to take responsibility for much.

On Sunday I gathered my notebook and headed to café for lunch and for some brain storming. I need an inspiring surrounding when planning events and happenings and ways of marketing them, and where I live now... I can't find a less-inspiring surrounding. feels like a living room to me. Surrounded by books and the smell of fresh coffee I came up with all kinds of ideas for months to come for the Fun Team.

This all also made me think that maybe these changes at work are exactly what I need so I don't get too comfortable and stuck at the work that I do now. Because honestly I have the skills and the balls to do so much more! My ultimate dream-fantasy-crazy idea is that the Olympics would come to Finland and I would be involved in the planning and marketing of the opening and closing ceremonies; the acts, the hiring, the reporting, the promoting, the sponsor-fishing, everything. Go on, laugh. When I dream, I dream BIG! :D

Another ultimate dream, or more an obsession for me is to move to Brighton. Who knows, my life is a rollercoaster that most people would have quit ages ago, but in a year's time I will probably find myself somewhere new again. Maybe Czech Republic, maybe Italy, maybe Finland, maybe even Brighton.

In any case, as Oogway said in Kung Fu Panda: yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mistery (amen to that!!) but today is a gift, that's why it's called the present. So, lets go with that for now and see what life has in store for me for the year to come.


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