Never know what tomorrow brings

Wasn't it Bridget Jones who said that ones one part of your life is going right another part of it falls spectacularly into pieces. I have realized this to be very true multiple times in my relatively short life. But I have also realized that no matter how bad things are life has a way of working out just fine in the end. 

Me moving here has been one of the happiest things that has happened to me for yeeeears. Things have been coming my way and the latest "big win" was me getting a flat of my own in the centre really close to work with a very reasonable price. But this Monday was a bit of a reality check. Without going too much into detail global businesses are ever changing and moving operations around with the speed of light. When signing a contract here I knew there were certain risks involved working for such a huge company, but I never could've imagined that in just three months I would have to worry about whether I will still have a job after Christmas or not. I hate Mondays but this one was a Monday on steroids! 

Basically we will keep our jobs but nobody knows for how long. Even though I have been so stressed out all week that I've been sick to my stomach I must admit that the firm has handled breaking us the news quite well; along the week we've had one-on-one meetings, group meetings and multiple opportunities to ask anything we wanted to know about the changes. As a straight-forward-person I of course asked before anyone could even ask how I am whether I'm being fired now or after Christmas :D I think I have the right to know. But apparently I was not being fired.

For some people life is stable, no major setbacks, things just roll on. For me it's the extreme everything: when things go my way I'm on cloud nine, when things go South I hit the ground so that you can see the damage. But that's me, if things weren't so extreme I don't know if I could cope. This way I'll definitely stay alert. In short on Monday I was scared out of my mind, on Tuesday I was so worried about not just myself but my colleagues as well that I had stomach ache all day, on Wednesday I started to accept that this is how things work in business and if things go right I will have my job for a year at least. And thats ok.

I'm not an alcoholic (.....yet) but the red wine I have been saving for something just required to be opened. So I drank it on my own and ate chocolate, how pathetic :D But I figured I deserved it. With the wine and the chocolate I enjoyed movies like Bridget Jones, We Bought a Zoo and Under the Tuscan Sun. On Thursday I was pretty much back to normal except for the little hangover. 

This week has been specially hard and shocking for me: I've actually been homesick... Never happened before! With no plans for the weekend I think I should probably try catch up with sleep and start packing my things for the move ahead.  


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