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Sometimes I surprise even myself. Or life does. Like this Thursday when I flew from Helsinki to Budapest where I had booked a hotel for the night. First of all when I got out of the airport there was a "black taxi" driver waiting for stupid tourists. I guess I looked stupid enough because he came straight to me: "You need a taxi?" As a regular customer to Budapest airport I knew that to get a legitimate taxi you go to a booth outside the airport and they assign you one. This guy tried to rip off 400 Forints more from me than what the drive really cost.

So, I got a legitimate taxi, told him the address and the name of the hotel and he took me to the centre. He stopped in front of a hotel, yes, but it didn't have the name I was looking for. Despite my doubts that this could not be the right place he assured me "Yes, the right place" and was already loading my luggage on the pavement. Turned out the "hotel" I had booked for 16€ a night was actually a hostel. But the guys at MGallery (the hotel where the taxi left me) kindly offered me a room (for a steeper cost, of course). I paid gladly because I was soo tired, and a 5-star-snooze was much more appealing to me than a 2-star-snooze!

I admit, even though I was dead-tired I was so happy for the taxi driver's "mistake" that I literally jumped around the room for 10 minutes.

I don't know if it's the climate or just some overall atmosphere, but the moment I arrived in Bratislava, sat myself in a taxi and was on my way to the office I was smiling like the Sun in Naantali! I feel so "light" here, somehow it feels to me like life is so much more simple here. I have no idea why.

Another thing that made me make cartwheels was the temperature on Saturday and the light-phenomenon called Sun. Feels like Spring already <3

It was so nice to wake up in my own bed in my own place and get ready for lunch (potato-goat cheese dumplings, bryndza cheese sauce, fried onions and bacon). On Sunday I turned another year older and I have never had such a warm weather on my birthday! A relaxed weekend with friends was exactly what I needed, the party will come in couple of weeks. Also the fact that I found a pair of high heels, that I had been drooling over for months, on sale completely made my day. 


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