Big Birthday Bash

I can't remember ever having a good weather on my birthday. On the other hand, if you are born in January, what can you expect? This year, though, on my birthday Bratislava was enjoying a weirdly warm weekend. Whereas on last Saturday, when I had arranged a birthday party for us four girls who were born in January, I opened the curtains in the morning to a terrible winter storm. 

Despite my fears of people cancelling because of the weather we only had two cancellations and one of them was due to sickness. So, the party could begin!

For a venue I chose Urban House café/bar in the Bratislava old town. It's a big sister of my favourite café here, Most people describe the place as a hipster place. Whether it's an accurate description, I don't know, but in my opinion it has the most relaxed atmosphere, nicely inconsistent furniture and good local wines. If you find yourself there (which I would highly recommend) do try the halloumi burger! 

Unlike in most places in Bratislava pretty much all the staff spoke really good English. This is always a big plus from me. On top of that the staff was really friendly. Also something that shouldn't be taken for granted here.

I have been so fortunate to happen across Bratislava at the same time with three other Finns who happen to be professional musicians! They already graced my housewarming party last year with a performance and prepared six songs for this party as well. I could listen to them playing for days.

Even though they are all so brilliant that they could go without any instruments, the guitars and microphones do help. Unfortunately, despite being ensured that everything will be ready, those things were not prepared for the evening at all: microphones had no batteries and no holders on the sticks. There was no amplifier and no-one who knew how to turn the music on and off.  

Thankfully we were there early so that everything got taken care of (with the help of tape and bar stools) by the time people started arriving.

Birthday girls

The night was a success (as far as I'm aware). The Yet Another Cover Band was obviously brilliant and everybody seemed to enjoy. Most people disappeared to their homes around midnight but I wanted to go dancing. Thankfully there was still one person awake enough to go dancing with me. If dancing for four hours straight isn't considered exercise, then I don't think anything is.  


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