Winter in Bratislava

I was so hoping that this winter I would completely avoid the snow and ice-covered pavements just because I am not spending the winter months in Finland. But no... unfortunately the white shite reaches these levels every year as well. Although not in such quantities as in Northern Europe, thankfully.

I've never been one of those people who run to the window smiling like crazy when the first snow falls. OK, fine, snow makes nature look beautiful but practically it makes life extremely difficult. Either there's too much of it or if there's not so much, all roads are covered in this uneven, trambled mixture of snow and ice: definite death to ankles and knees.

Having gone through couple winters in the UK I must take my hat off for how this yearly phenomenon was received here. Nobody went to panic, shops, schools and offices were still open like normally, no major setbacks in traffic (as far as I know) and no people running around like headless chicken shouting "IT'S THE END OF THE WOOOORLD!" I'm not even exaggerating, that's how it is in the UK eeevery year.   

On Friday it snowed more than in years here. And everybody was so happy about it. Except me of course. But when I was asked to join couple colleagues to go build a snowman on the 4th floor balcony I was, of course, totally in. 

When we got back after finishing the dude above, we received an e-mail invitation to go build more snowmen in the afternoon. So the entire team left their work as it was and went to make snowmen on a near-by hill. We were even provided with gloves... gardening gloves, that is. But it was better than ruining my own leather gloves.
Guess which one was me and Orsi's?
I must admit, I haven't enjoyed snow this much for about 10 years!


  1. Hungary is the same like UK. The country is not able to handle snow at all... It's a disaster. In every year. Even if there's just few cm. So here in Finland I just enjoy to see how people can survive snowy winters and how can they bring the best out of it. :)

  2. Haha, my Hungarian friends thankfully stayed here when it snowed because the trains that way weren't working anyway:P


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