Restaurant Kaks Kokka

As we know the restaurants in the biggest and busiest tourist clusters are usually over-prized and more than often not worth a visit at all. We discovered this last weekend again when we were craving for some simple pizza and went walking around in the Old Town. Not knowing where you're going you often end up just anywhere close in the end. We found pizza on the side of the main Square and it really wasn't worth the Finnish prices.

Thank goodness we had booked a table for Saturday in a place that was recommended to us: Restaurant Kaks Kokka (Two Chefs) between the Old Town and harbour. The place was a bit tricky to find. It wasn't on the street but in the inner yard behind a parking lot. But even though weather was absolute shit this place was worth walking around a bit!

The decor was pretty simple and Scandinavian, with black and white and earthy colours, and huge windows facing the street. The lights were a bit bright and in your face but that was adjusted when we mentioned it. 

The service in the place was spot on. Wine and food was described to us and we didn't have to worry about our glasses getting empty. We decided to go for the whole three courses and oh boy, that was the way to go!

First course was a duck salad with lettuce, root vegetables and sweet peas. I don't know what did it but every mouthful brought pictures of summer fields and our summer house bathing in sunshine in my mind. I have never had such a whole and enjoyable food experience! 

For second course I had ox cheek. It's a pretty exotic choice for someone who is as picky about meat as I am but this was the perfect place to try something new. Very dark and full flavours. Even though it was a very simple dish it didn't need anything else, less is more in this case. 

For dessert we went for apple pie and ice cream. It was accompanied by some sour blue berries and they brought a perrfect balance to the dish! 45€ for such a meal is nothing in my opinion. It was a whole and a great restaurant experience. And we even got recommendations for cocktail places for after! If you're in Tallinn GO to Kaks Kokka!

In addition to that one Tallinn is bursting with little but amazing restaurants scattered all around the small city but usually outside the Old Town. I already have three places More I have to try and I want all my friends to try this organic restaurant, Nop, next to where I work! Lotta was already totally sold for it ;)


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