Settling In

Another position in my pocket, this time the one I've been reaching for for many, many years; project manager! Ooh it's good to be me :) And being a new citizen in another country once again I had to get all the paper work done. So, one evening I decided to take care of the registering. Unlike in Bratislava, here the registration office is in the city centre and people speak English. 

That doesn't mean, though, that things would go smoothly for me: I found the correct street alright but stepped into a building way too early. I marched to the receptionist and announced in my unFinnishly loud voice that "I'm here to register!" Everybody in the lobby went quiet, the poor receptionist even looked a bit frightened. She mumbled something which I didn't hear and so I kept telling that I just moved from Finland blabla blablabla. She looked so embarrassed (for me perhaps?) when she finally managed to say in a teeny tiny voice "This is a theater."... Oh dear... Well... I think I'll be continuing onwards then... Eventually I found the correct building. 

Considering how time-consuming and unbelievably complicated the Slovak authorities had made the registering, the fact that I spent altogether five minutes in the registry office here was actually shocking. What are these efficient and easy processes, huh?! 

I had a Tinder date scheduled after registering with an American soldier. But because their crew only had the night off they had to move around all together (to prevent anyone from fighting random by-passers apparently). So they all joined our "date". It was fun, though, I get along with anyone so we had a mini pub crawl in the Old Town and I tried to pair each guy up with a bar tender. Somehow they all seem to be women here. At some point I saw people walking round a part in the pavement and noticed it was a large and deep puddle. For some reason I just didn't quite register it and walked straight into it wearing a long white jacket. Some days! :D

A new job and a new country are always exciting things but I've experienced something else new that I didn't expect here. One morning I woke up feeling miserably lonely. Being used to working in teams of at least five people and having something to do usually after work it has hit me quite hard that I am (for now) quite alone here. Colleagues I only have one and the fact that I no longer have sudden after works makes me feel like I haven't done anything this week. And the fact that I haven't seen my good friend Sun for more than altogether maybe three hours since I left Bratislava is definitely taking its toll. I do hope and wish and pray that it might show itself ASAP and stay!


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