Nop - Organic Restaurant in Tallinn

In Nordic countries organic food has been in hype for about 10 years now. But to find a quality and not over-priced organic restaurant there is not so easily done. Tallinn, the small capital of Estonia, has one of the very few really good organic restaurants: Nop. It is not just a restaurant but a café and a store as well. There you can find all sorts of treats (unhealthy as well as healthy) made from local ingredients by local producers.

It isn’t located in the proximity of the Old Town, which means that most tourists never end up there. But it is not difficult to find, since it is in the very popular park area called Kadriorg, where the president also lives. It is a small, blue wooden house just off the main road Narva Maantee, which crosses right through the whole city, about 10 minute walk from the Old Town.

The menu consists of loads of options: they have wonderful breakfast menu with fresh juices and smoothies and bigger portions for lunch that have been inspired both by Estonian food culture as well as some Asian twists. My personal favourite dish from the breakfast menu is the sandwich with avocado, cured salmon and poached eggs with a little side salad. It is fresh and enough to get you ready for the day. From lunch menu I have multiple favourites, one being the Asian-inspired noodle soup with vegetables and the chicken salad that looks exactly like a Ceasar salad but surprises you with the flavor.

Nop is conveniently located right next to our offices in Tallinn, so it is the best choice for lunch for me. I don’t have many courses on their menu anymore that I haven’t tried. So I can completely recommend it! And do not forget to visit the store on your way out. In addition to organic vegetables, pasta, teas, etc. they have the most amazing cakes available there. So if you find yourself in Tallinn make sure you find your way there!


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