Spring in Tallinn

It's here! It's finally here! Life, also known as Spring and everything that comes with it! Ooh my god, a month I endured the winter up here and it almost broke me... again. But now my life can properly start here!

The thick winter jacket has been hid away and replaced by leather jacket, a definite sign that there's no going back. Even if temperature goes below zero again I can't take back the winter jacket now! 

The horrid awful black, flat winter boots have been thrown to the very back of my shoe closet where I can't even accidentally clap my eyes on them. Instead I am able, finally, to wear a different pair of high heels every day! A right that snow and ice stripped me of. 

I don't have to wear trousers every day any more, I can cope with skirts and shorts (paired up with tights obviously), which means that I have a wider range of clothes also that I can wear. Winter really takes all the fun and creativity out of dressing up. No matter how creative you try to be, if it's cold you end up looking and feeling like a Michelin man, there's nothing to it.

It's true, the Sun does still exist!!

Leaves and flowers are appearing on trees and bushes and everything, everything looks so much better when the snow and ice are just a bad memory somewhere in the distance.

I usually go for a walk on Saturday morning to the Kadriorg park and I listen to music. But Spring even sounds so good that I put the music away almost instantly and just listened to the birds singing. Such a happy noise.

I have a wish: Please winter, NEVER come back because you really suck and nobody needs you! Spring and Summer, I salute you!


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