Spring Purchases

Spring, what a wonderful excuse for shopping! The days in Estonia have already grown long and the Sun shines all the way to 7pm. Sun. Exactly, it has been seen multiple times in the past month and snow is only a bad memory (may it stay that way!). The bare trees still look a bit miserable but from the way my eyes are starting to itch I can tell there is pollen in the air, which means there is hope, even though the next few months will be challenging for us pollen allergics. 

Spring makes me so happy every time. And the least you can do to celebrate such happiness is to look good. I never get out of the door if I'm not happy with what I see in the mirror but winter with the coldness and wetness made my choices clothing-wise very limited. I never wear the same shoes two days in a row but in winter I don't have a choice. So when spring comes and the streets are dry I take all joy out of my neglected shoe closet (yes, I have a closet full of shoes). With the shoes I can also put together much nicer outfits than with the flat, black boots. And in my purchases I've gone a little wilder than I normally would have.

I got this idea that a pair of statement sunglasses would save any day when I don't feel too inspired when it comes to outfits. All black clothes, the querky sunglasses and red lipstick, what else do you need? 

For cheery days I bought a light top with pastel coloured feather patterns. Keep the rest of the outfit simple, let the top gather all the attention. 

For when the weather gets warmer I have prepared myself with a fringe skirt and a hat the like of which I have craved for a long time. I'm not a hat person at all but I can learn to be!

This week we have enjoyed warmth all the way to 15 degrees, which is super rare for April! So I have already been able to put away my red winter coat and replace it with the darling leather jacket, and today I wore it for the first time this year. Such a simple thing but oh, the happiness!


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