Project Bedroom

I have never been very interior design oriented. Maybe because most of my adulthood I have lived abroad with the knowledge that I will not stay here for long, so the state of the apartment hasn’t played that big of a part in my life. Which has resulted in me staying in some pretty dodgy apartments. For me they haven’t seemed like such bad places to stay in, it has been enough if the apartment was warm and clean and there were the basic furnishings, which include a window, a nice(ish) bed, table and a chair. My family has only recently admitted how horrified she was of some places where I have stayed along the years.

But now (finally?) I have so many kilometres under my belt that I feel like I should be content staying still for a little bit longer than just a couple years, which is why finding an unfurnished apartment was a must this time around. In the end finding such an apartment wasn’t even that difficult in Tallinn, although it might have been without a little help from friends. But my demands weren’t too hard to fulfill: a separate bedroom and wide enough window sills which I can sit on while sipping tea and stalking the neighbours.
When I was moving here I had money and transport equipment for only the main furniture. But since my separate bedroom turned out to be as big a room as the kitchen and living room together, my 140cm wide bed doesn’t take quite as much space from the room as I thought it would. So there is a lot of empty, usable space in my bedroom, which is also a constant subject of puzzlement for my visitors. So now that the summer’s travels are over I need a new project for myself and my bedroom is screaming for attention!

The very first items on my shopping list are bedside tables for each side and then a new bedspread to replace the gray and cold spread that was bought in a hurry with the mentality “anything goes as long as it’s cheap”. I want warmer colours and materials. Then the window sill requires some other decorative items than my necklaces spread all over and I would need to find a huge carpet to cover at least half of the never-ending floor space, but in this case the colour and possible graphics cause me head ache. I am also considering the idea of a little reading corner in front of the window because winter is coming and I need a place to hide from the world. This may be helped if I get a bigger couch from my brother when they get a new one so that I can move the smaller couch from the living room into the bedroom...

The only acquisition that I so far know for sure and have already asked mum to put on my Christmas wish list is a poster of the map of Turku that I can frame and put on the bedroom wall. These city maps have become very popular in Finland lately, another idea that started from Turku. With it I could replace the Ikea-bought flower sticker above the bed, which I had to stick to the wall with blue stickers because the tape behind the picture isn’t strong enough to stick on the cold stone wall. So, there is a lot to plan, decide and buy and I need help with the first stage because I don’t have an eye for this sort of things...


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