Things I Should Not Have Bought

I came across the headline's statement one day at work Googling for something or the other. And it got me thinking. I'm usually pretty good with money, I rarely buy something just for the sake of buying. I need to really want the item to willingly part with my money for it. 

Women usually have a problem with this; buying things without spending much time to think whether they even need them. Especially now that buying online has been made soo easy and returning the items after trying them on is free for the biggest companies. But I have a lot of friends who are just too lazy to go through the return ordeal so in the end they keep the items and plan to maybe sell them or give them away to charity later. I'm not big on shopping online, I like to know at the moment of paying that this shirt fits me and is the colour that it is supposed to be. I also don't have patience when there is something that I want so I don't like waiting for the items to arrive. 

So, since I am quite particular with what I put my money on, what purchases have I actually regretted? I thought about this actually for days. And I came out of this thought process empty-handed. I can't think of anything in my various closets that shouldn't be there. I have a shitload of shoes but I quarantee that each pair is there for the sole purpose of being worn. Clothes also I have plenty, bags as well, books, buckets of jewelry, etc. But I have use for all of them. 

To be honest the only thing that I have ever thought "I shouldn't have bought that!" of are the last drinks of almost all the nights out. You know that moment when you're almost ready to go home or the club is nearing the closing time and you suggest to get one more drink. And that one drink is the one too many, which ensures you feel terrible the next morning. Those next mornings have been the only times when I've thought that it was a mistake. But it's a mistake that we keep on repeating, I think, until the end of our days. 


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