10 Pros and Cons of Me

* I tend to demand things, not ask: it's very impolite and quite arrogant / It's also very effective and I usually get my will across.

* I am an extrovert: culturally in my home country this is quite unacceptable behavior, it's not OK to be too loud or too open about differing opinions; it all can be embarrassing for family and friends / I make friends easily because I am very open-minded and willing to try new things, which all leads to not being judgmental.

* I am emotional: culturally (again) quite strange, sometimes I am unable to control myself, especially negative feelings can take over my entire body (head ache, heart attack etc.) / I come across as genuine, honest and caring person, so people find it easy to trust me, which is the base of any friendship.

* I value free time/freedom of choice over money: there’s no risk of me ever becoming rich / I am happier when I spend more time with my friends and family and am able to do things that I want rather than if all my time was spent at work. 

* I don’t take anything personally: you are free to insult me and to doubt my abilities to the end of the world / My life is a shitload easier because I don’t waste time or effort on worrying what other people think of me.

* I am shallow: I put a lot of stock on the way I look, which causes extra stress if I am not, for example, slim enough (in my opinion) / I look awesome... most of the time :D And when I look good I feel good.

* I am family-minded: I need to be close to my family and see them often, not just the "core family" but cousins and aunts as well, which is why I moved back to the cold and dark latitudes, where climate is not my friend / I have the strongest bedrock on which to build my life and a place to go back to if things go South, which is something that most people can only dream of.

* Nationality: although we think that Finland has a pure reputation my nationality has caused problems on the way; Finns are often put into the same box with Eastern Europeans and denied things because of it; I am automatically thought to be quiet, boring and an aggressive alcoholic / It’s always great to show people how wrong they are about me, and I also enjoy showing people a more positive side of Finland abroad. 

* I am active: I find it difficult to cope when there’s nothing in my calendar for weeks to come and the weather forces me to stay indoors for days / I am always ready to try new things and travel and experience life at its fullest.

* I am a dream achiever: when I dream I dream big and I go for those dreams / What to do when you have achieved all the things you dreamed of?


  1. Mielenkiintoinen postausidea! Ihmettelin alkuun, että onpas hassu otsikko mutta kuten tekstissä tulikin selville, mikää puoli meissä ei ole koskaan vain huono tai hyvä... Opin myös jotain uutta sinusta :)


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