Rainy days

I have very mixed feelings about rainy days. I'm the kind of person whose mood is very much affected by the weather. For example, when it's sunny I'm full of energy, I multitask like crazy and I can do all the things gladly that I usually would postpone as long as I can, like cleaning. Then again when it's dark and cloudy I'm super-tired, not very excited about anything and just want to watch movies and eat Pringles.

The previous weekend it rained like hell here. One night I woke up because it was raining so hard and thought if this doesn't result in flood I'll be very surprised. In the morning I was surprised but happily so.

Last Thursday we had burger-day again. This time we didn't go to Le Beef, though, but tried a new place in the Old Town. We stood outside in the pouring rain eating our burgers like some homeless people with no place to go. And then we went to have coffee in this café, Gorila.sk. I've had drinks there on the terrace outisde but if I had seen the place from the inside I would've visited it a lot since then. Better later than never! It's a bookshop/café/restaurant with pouffy sofas and armchairs and a mix of colourful chairs and tables varying from decorative old-fashioned ones to these hipster kinds (:reusing platform carriages used in supermarkets and hardware stores to move large amounts of stuff, by piling them on each other to make a table). 

It's nicely urban and messy for my taste and I've been planning to go back there with a magazine to spend a lazy day there drinking coffee and eating good food. But because it's been raining so hard that umbrella is of no use whatsoever I've consented to staying at home watching movies and eating soup. Which wasn't a bad alternative at all. Sometimes it's nice to just make a nest in your bed and stay there hiding from the world, escaping reality with the help of Hollywood.


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