Home Sweet Home

Another flight survived more or less gracefully. While my decision of never moving back to Finland  grows stronger every day it is always the best feeling in the world to come back to the familiar surroundings and to the safe confines of my parents' home. And especially withing arm's reach of their fridge! It has become more and more important to me in my many travels.

I've always appreciated beautiful things, whether it's furniture, jewellery or shoes, being surrounded by beautiful items makes me feel good. That is one reason why I absolutely love my parents' place! My mum has the perfect eye when it comes to interior design (even though she made a huge mistake when agreeing to change the living room's gold and silver-stripe wallpaper to a white, boring one).

Scandinavian way of decorating houses is overall very appealing to me; very straight-forward, practical and simple when it comes to colours and shapes. Whereas in Slovakia the interior design is the complete opposite; walls painted with bright colours (like orange!), chunky furniture, also in bright, dark colours, and overall very dated style. In one word I would describe their style of interior design heavy. But then again, people in Slovakia are used to surviving life with one set of furniture whereas in Scandinavia homes go through appearance changes every 2-5 years.

The weather outside is absolutely abysmal and I had quite forgotten how dark it really is here during the winter months. But it's ok because I have my bestest friends here to keep me entertained in addition to work. And one more super important thing: SAUNA!

Already next week it's Christmas again and we're putting up the Christmas tree this weekend. I love my parents' place most when it's filled with Christmas decorations and light and smells of food and there's fire crackling in the fireplace... yes, life is good :)


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